56/C, Road-11, Banani, Dhaka
Phone (88-02) 48810158-9

The goal of Noorani Agro & Food Complex Ltd. is to be the manufacturer and exporter of premium brands ‘SABCO’ and ‘Noorani’ wheat food products to international market.

SABCO is the brand own by Noorani which will have an international export radius including exports in UK, USA and European market. SABCO’s has a niche target market offering exclusive products in the FMCG line including biscuits, cookies, vermicelli, cake, pasta, noodles, puffed rice  and others. It will also be a brand for chain shop in domestic market which includes cakes, pastries, biscuits and various seasonal fruit juice.

SABCO’s brand promise and belief is high end rich nutrition and hygiene for its products with the tagline states “Premium as you are”.