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Bringing Growth

Providing quality Products and individualized services at competitive rates.

Consumer Trust

Earned trust of its consumers, consequently witnessed and adapted changes in the food industry.


Improve the quality of our products and get our brands on top of the consumer mind in home and abroad.

Best in the Market

Supported by highly qualified team of professionals, Quality and innovation is one of the Noorani’s greatest strength.

Managing Director’s Message

Welcome to Noorani Agro and Food Complex Ltd. On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our patrons, consumers, associates and employees for their unrelenting contribution. Noorani Group has a tradition of maintaining moral values, integrity and purity since the inception of the business. As a group of industries, Noorani has the pride and heritage in Bangladesh. We are looking forward to export our products to international market and also to remain the preferred food company in domestic market.

In 2010, ‘Noorani Agro and Food Complex Limited’ enhanced our contribution to country’s economy as one of the producers of wheat and wheat-based products in Bangladesh. We are committed to produce high-quality wheat flour and food products by combining experience and appreciation from our customer base. We source our wheat from the trusted suppliers, prepare the products under strict supervision and adhere to health standards to ensure that we deliver food products with the highest level of safety to our consumers. The production process is monitored by our dedicated quality control team to ensure that our food products are rich sources of vitamins, minerals, and fibers essential for the development of human body.

At Noorani, the consumer remains our priority. Consequently, for being compliant with the industry standards and providing wheat products of the highest quality, Noorani has become the preferred food company in Bangladesh. Our goal is to be manufacturer and exporter of premium brand ‘SABCO’, ‘Noorani and wheat food products to international market.

We have expanded our business into real estate as well to address different needs of the society. The improved and extensive coverage is focused to keep our company in tune with the dynamic and changing needs of the people of Bangladesh.

Diversity and contemporary technological adaptation is an integral part of who we are, how we operate, and how we see the future. Our inclusive culture is designed to address the needs of every customer because we value how we are perceived in the eyes of our partners and customers.